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Any Shutter Bugs here?

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I have a Canon 35mm Camera that I bought from a Photographer about 15 Years ago and I am thinking about selling it. It comes with 4 Lenses including a Wide Angle and a Telaphoto Lens, Lens Caps, Lens Covers, Lens Bags, several Filters, a Slide On Flash and a few other items including the Manual and a very nice large heavy duty Padded Camera Bag. I have not used it in the last couple of Years but I used to use it a lot and it took great Photos. When I get home, I will post a Photo of everything and add more info. If anyone is interested, just PM me. I was thinking about asking $550.00 for everything including shipping to the connected 48 States.

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Film cameras are not worth a lot these days. Your lenses are worth more. You could buy a Canon digital SLR and use your lenses on the new beast.

The value depends on the glass you own. I have lenses that I paid $2000.00 for 4 years ago and they are still what I paid for them.

Search e-bay for your camera model number for some ideas on what to ask. Not sure if $550.00 is a good price or not, depends on the lenses.

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The Camera Specs:


Canon T50

Programmed Automation

Automatic Film Transport

28mm Lens #MK84706570

Canon Speedlite 244T Flash


Also Included:

50mm Lens #7291150 from Canon

85mm Lens #40550316 from Sears

200mm Lens #831101781 from Sears


52mm Filter 82A Quantaray

52mm Filter PL HOYA

55mm Filter PL Sears

62mm Filter Skylight (1A) TOYO Optics


FUJI 400 Color Film, 4 Rolls

Kodak MAX 400 Color Film, 4 Rolls

Kodak Select 400 Black & White Film, 2 Rolls



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