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Photoshooting with my GT500


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Nice Pics, Who is Simon Richter?


He is one of my "forum-friends". He is not a "famous" photographer, just his passion. But I think he does it right :-)




very very nice!!!


but one thing ruins it literally


remove the dam front plate, it breaks up the stripes and you dont need a front plate!


Unfortunately you are wrong. We must have a front plate in Europe. And for what reason ever the car dealer from Los Angeles where the car actually comes from made some big, no huge, wholes in my front bumper. To replace the front plate to another position (and there are many possible positions because I can't put it in the grill area because of the cool air the car needs and mostly other positions are not allowed in Switzerland....) would mean a new front bumper... So I have to wait for a parking accident or something like this :doh:

But you are right, I hate it too :banghead:

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