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GLD This Saturday October 17th


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Myself and 3 other board members that own GT500's are going to Great Lakes Dragaway this Saturday for some fun runs. So there should be at least 4 GT500's there.


I am just putting the word out in case any other GT 500 or Shelby owners want to meet up at the track Saturday October 17th. Most of us will get there between 9 am and 10am.


The Nitrous Brawls are that day so it should be fun even if you just wanted to watch. They do have the track open for fun runs especially in the morning.


You can come even if your car is totally stock, no pressure to turn unreal times. Let's see some new cars at the track Saturday even if you just came to watch.

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Weather permitting Saturday is still on. If the weather sucks it will be on Sunday. Don't tell me all the Chicago-Milwaukee GT500's and Shelby's are put away for the winter already? :hysterical:


Barring the rain, I'll be there around 11. It's gonna be 46f so my nipples will be there just slightly before I get there.




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