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Anyone Here Have #266 or #440?

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Someone listed 2006 GTH #440 on ebay but when you look at the pics the dash plaques shows car #266.


It appears most of his pics were PR photos "borrowed" from the internet.


Best to ask many questions on this one.




GTH #440 or #266 ?



I believe the car must be #440 as the VIN falls into the range of "400" numbered 2006 GTHs. When the 2006 GTHs began appearing on Ebay I tracked every sale, just over 100 cars, and kept track of the VIN and Shelby numbers. The one that just appeared on Ebay had a Ford sequential number of 262168. Previous sales showed sequential number 262167 to be Shelby number 474, sequential number 262165 to be Shelby number 491. Of course a lot of cars fell out sequential and Shelby number ranges. Shelby number 445 had sequential number 260767 so there appears to be no set pattern. Clearly this recent listing used some "file" type photos and should be a red flag to prospective buyers. The car was a no sell at $38,000. Also, this car (and car number 266) was not sold during the year or so I kept track of the Ebay sales. :headscratch:

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