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Shelby Razor's


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What is the difference between Stock# 698s-296-6 and 698s-296-7 Shelby Razor wheels? I have a chance to pick up a set of the 698s-296-7 for around $800 which is a great deal (I think) but I want to be sure they will fit my 2008 before I lay out the cash. Everything I read about them says they will fit 2007 but I don't see 2008 mentioned. I didn't think there was a difference between the 07's and 08's.


Anyone know for sure?

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Chrome 20x9 with 6.5 inch backspacing


Chrome 20x9 Shelby Razor Wheel standard backspacing for all 05-07 mustangs is 6" and 24mm of offset. If unsure please e-mail us before purchasing


I just spoke to Shelby performance parts. The tech there said that the only possible problem might be the inside clearance because of the 6.5" backspacing. He said that these wheels will set about a half inch deeper than the stock wheel. He also said that it should not be a problem.


So I guess I'm good to go if I can make the deal !

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