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New GT500 finally due here 10/8. Top 5 mods to make?


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Had some issues between the source dealer and my dealer here in AL. They finally got it all worked out and the transport is scheduled to pick up my new GT500 10/7 and it should be here 10/8. Whew! Can't wait for the Kona/White.


What are the Top 5 performance mods to make on the new GT500s including brands of the mods? Example BORLA exhaust upgrade, Ford Racing suspension, etc.


Thanks in advance for the input.

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My list goes in this order:





basic power upgrades




Specifics are up to you how serious you want to go. For exhaust I just want the sound so I went with a muffler delete. For suspension, I am doing a griggs SS kit- because handling is important to me I'll spend more money here. For power, I am doing very basic stuff- cai/pulley/tune. Rims and tires I want to shave some weight so will do a more expensive set of rims- forged one piece aluminum with 315s out back.


Everyone has their preferences- I feel the car makes decent power and needs help in the handling dept. Your mileage may vary.

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