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Traction Control


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Okay, how do I switch to the Sport Mode? I have read the owners manual and the supplemental manual and I can figure it out :headscratch: . I push the button once, no traction control, push it again, traction control is back on. I tried pushing the traction conrol button twice in a row, which is what I believe the manual states and still no Sport Mode.

I thought it would be simple, push the button once, your in Sport Mode, push the button again, Traction Control off, push the button again, and the Traction Control is back on. But Nooooo, you have to push the button twice in a row or something like that and I feel like an idiot because I can't figure this out :banghead: .

What am I doing wrong, thanks guys.

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Yep foot on brake and zero mph. BTW in all off mode, goodyears will not last long. Leaves very long stripes in 1st,2nd and 3rd. Oh yeah and a big cloud of white smoke that has been known to stop traffic. That is what a little birdie told me........




Or has your neighbor calling the local "bacon sniffers" :hysterical: Sorry Justin, couldn't resist!!! :happy feet:

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