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Removing the rear springs...


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I'm removing the stock struts/shocks/springs so I can put on the Ford Racing stuff I ordered. Can anyone tell me how to remove the rear springs? I've already got the front handled, and now I've been looking at the rear springs and can't figure out how to get em out of there. Any help is appreciated.



1. Remove both stabilizer bar link bolts and clip nuts

2. Position the stabilizer bar to gain access to the shock absorber lower bolt.

3. Remove the shock absorber lower bolt and nut.

4. Remove the brake hose bracket bolt.

5. Lower the rear axle and remove the spring.

6. You are smarter enough, you can figure the rest out.

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Just did it myself last weekend. Advice above is dead on the money. Easier and quicker than the front.....


The front took me about 45 to completely disassemble everything. I can't start on the back until I get my parts. I only have 2 jack stands! I get my parts on Friday, so I will install the front stuff and then move on to the back. Are you happy with the install? Did you sacrifice ride quality? Are there any "pops" or other noises? These are a few of my concerns. Please clarify.

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