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Need a picture made?


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Alright everyone, I need to get some photoshop practice in. I've got another site that I often make signature pictures for people in, but not a lot of hits lately. If anyone wants an avatar, sig pic, poster, or sign made, shoot me a pm. The higher quality pictures, the better. Also if you have any themes or colors you want incorporated just let me know. Here are some examples of some pics I've made for people. Please excuse some of them, as I am still learning. Let me know what you think or if you need anything made.
















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Here's a car show display poster I put together.




I just printed this off in an 8x10 and hot laminated it, and it turned out great. I'm going to get it printed in a 11x20 and make some type of holder for it too. Also thinking about some type of fancy "DO NOT TOUCH" sign in 8x10 to go on the dash during shows. What do ya think?

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That is greatwork! I really like the GT500 on the water!


If the offer is still open, I'd like to send you a recent (high res) pic and have you use your creativity to come up with something...





Send em my way, blkgt500nca@gmail.com


Here is another one I just did




and here is a font I tested w/ my daughters names. Bling!



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Dude, how are we ever gonna go into business if you're giving this stuff away for FREE?! :doh:



I may have to rethink this. LOL. I wouldn't begin to know what to charge. Sig pics (although still time consuming) are small. But you and I need to get together and make a few different car show display platforms saved in .psd format so we could easily change out photos for people, and get this thing going. I've got a display stand in mind, and I'm going to check on some prices to get some designs water jetted in it.

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