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Some new fuel system stuff we're working on.


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We're very excited to let everyone know that we're working closely with our good friends at Fore Precision Works on yet another awesome fuel system option for the S197/GT500 market. This time we're looking to offer a direct replacement fuel hat which will hook up to the stock fuel line using 2 of our new Lethal275 fuel pumps and have the ability to support 800rwhp without the need for a Boost A Pump. This will prove to be a winner for those looking to support big power but not wanting to run aftermarket lines or use an external voltage booster such as a Boost A Pump.


The new fuel hat will house up to 3 Lethal275 pumps so at a later date you will have the capability of running all 3 pumps an convert to using aftermarket lines if you choose to go that route. It will bolt right into your fuel tank replacing your stock assembly, use the OEM level sender for accurate fuel level reading and include a high flow PPRV which will allow for better overall flow.


We're hoping if testing goes how we think it will that this will be the standard for all of our big hp blower packages as well as make it's way into the market place for anyone else that's in need of supporting this type of power.


The most important part of this upgrade will be the new Lethal275 fuel pumps. They are made in the USA and built to OEM standards. They are a variable voltage pump that can be used in a return and a returnless style fuel system. The Lethal275 pump outflows the stock GT500 pumps and the popular 255lph Walbro GSS342 pump.

Here's some data about the Lethal275 pump which I think you'll all be pretty impressed with.

Flow, @13.5v & 40psi: 284 liters per hour

Flow, @13.5v & 60psi: 246 liters per hour

The best thing about this fuel pump is it's cost and performance. Since late June Ford raised prices on most of their fuel pumps/pump assemblies making the popular Ford GT Supercar pump and many others quite expensive compared to what they used to be. Our new Lethal275 pump will be priced similar to what the Ford GT pumps used to cost making it more affordable for our customers. In addition to that the data that we have so far on this pump supports that is will outflow the other pumps I mentioned at all pressure ratings.


This is indeed a winner and we can't wait to do further testing with the pumps and new fuel hat. I'll be sure to keep everyone posted on how the testing goes.


Stay Tuned!!

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