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Glass Top


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It does look amazing but Glass is a heavy material, I worked in the glass industry moving giant chunks of very hot glass into annealers with a firemans suit on...


If you ever moved a car windshield they are heavy, weight up high on a car is detrimental to handling...that said they sure look super cool!


I seriously doubt I could drive well enough to notice it, just throwing it out there...


Add the stripes in the glass and you have seriously cool IMHO.

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Those are the shipping weights according to Ford Motor Co.



Shipping weights are no where near actual weight. The box and packaging(peanuts, styrofoam) plus the glass or metal probably don't even weigh 93 or 30 lbs. Considering the size of the package, I have to assume they use dim weight for the shipping weight, not actual weight. Dimensional weight is used when the SIZE of a box doesn't really coincide with actual weight. In other words, a big box that is designed to hold 90 lbs, but you only put 30 lbs in it to ship. You will be billed for the 90 lbs.


I have a hard time believing the metal roof weighs 30 lbs., I read somewhere that it is only about an 1/8" thick or less. That's pretty thin, and explains why it flexes when you push down on it. Its kind of like tinfoil on there. I will be getting a glassroof when funds allow. My brother has one in his 09 GT, it's really nice. The a$$ had to get a GT the same color as my GT500 when he saw it. :censored: And he knew I wanted a Glassroof, but couldn't get from factory. :censored:

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It would look weird with stripes across it.




Exactly what I was thinking! But then again, I've seen creative ways pictures and things have been done on glass before. With some work and creativity...who knows...might be possible and end up looking good. I would HAVE to see it first though

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