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Thru some emails with another forum member, thought id post his response to a question I had for him on dynoing his car--he had just pulled 544 rwhp with 100 octane gas---



Short version of my car's story:

One of first 500 built. Built 6-26-06 so its an ''antique''.


Dyno'd at 435 and 417 ft lbs stock.

Then it began-

Lund tune/JLT cold air 503rwhp.

Metco 2.6'' pulley 532 rwhp on 93 octane tune.


On race tune it runs 11.40s@124 on 305/35/18 Mickey drag radials.


Has enough rwhp to run 10s if it would hook up (more tire needed).


Lots of suspension work. Shocks/springs/upper and lower control arms/adj panhard/4.10 gears. No, it doesn't wheel hop :)


Wish I'd stayed with 3.73s because I have to shift before 60'!! I can only do 38mph in 1st so my 60' is around 1.70. Not bad but could be better.


Today we tweaked timing and fuel mapping. It requires race gas. Getting 544 sae rwhp on a stock blower (that's a TON). Also R+Ding the L+M throttle body. Picked up another 15hp and 12ft lbs but more importantly the torque curve came in the middle.


If wx permits I'm running it Thur night. ''slicks nite'' so they really prep the track plus its supposed to be in the 50s. Hoping to cut a 10.99 on a stock blower. I don't think its been done. Now I just need the ''driver mod'' :)

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