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2009-09-19 Colorado Leaf Peepint Tour


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So today was going to be a yard working day but it was supposed to be in the high 70's today (it was) and tomorrow (we'll see) and in the 50's on Monday through the end of the week. When Co-Pilot got up I asked if we could do a leaf-peeping tour. She wanted to take the Shelby GT but I think this will be the last weekend of the year when it will be nice so the Cobra was it.


The local news station said it was getting close to being saturated in our little and, and indeed, I think it was.


Here are the pictures (in batches for cross posting).



















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After the museum tour (pictures to come later today - I'm still organizing them) we went back via Hwy 72 which goes through Pinecliff on the twistiest highway I've ever been on - there must have been at least 10 10mph 180* hairpin curves. I almost think this drive would not have been fun in any kind of manual transmission. Anyway, it comes out about three miles south of Nederland. We drove by the place where some of the shots from last weekend. The leaves really took a hit with the rain last week.








After that we drove home via Jamestown with the first 4-5 miles being a gravel road (it's nicely "packed" so no road rash). Sorry no pictures. The hippies don't like it.

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We need more pictures of the front of the car while driving down the road. I love taking pictures so you still can see the hood and scoop while I am driving.


What don't the hippies like?


Didn't take the Cobra yesterday. It was too cold when we left and my wife wouldn't even let me have the top down on the Mustang.


Hippies don't like to have their photos taken.

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