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Rear Tires off-center

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The left rear tire is about 1/4 inch inside the fender edge. The right tire is about 1/2 inch inside.


What should be adjusted to make them even. It's driving me nuts.


Thanks !


I have 285/40ZR18 Goodyear F1s.

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Yup, Adjustable Panhard bar does the trick...I noticed it when I switched to my GT500 Wheels and tires so I put on a BMR Adjustable bar and everything is great again...



I went with the UMI Double Adjustable (spherical rod ends) Panhard Bar (Red) Chrome Moly




Take Care


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;) i am afraid to look at mine till this winter when i hit it with some por-15


so back on topic lol you realy think long tubes are a waste N/A?

Yeah man I really do, unless you know for sure that you're going to add a blower at some point.

The torque loss is just way too noticeable on an NA car to justify the expense. I'd put that dough towards that Brenspeed Vortech deal if I were you! ;)

If you're dead set on the LT's before the blower, do yourself the favor of running 3.73's or 4.10's to help compensate for the lack of punch off the line.



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