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Wednesday Nights at Sears Point


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  • 2 weeks later...

Well, my Corvette buddies caved on me last week, but we went last night. It was my 1st time and, What a Blast!

I onlly had time for (3) runs... (2) 12.8's and my best (2nd run) was 12.7 at 116mph. Not too bad on street tires, no burnout and stick shift. I will be doing this again when I can get there earlier to get more runs in...

I will post video of my final (12.8) run later tonight.



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Three passes sounds about right. Even if you arrive early by time you return to the end of the line the field is packed. Saturday morning test and tune use to be a better time to run. But I haven't been there in years so it could have changed.

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Nice runs. What were your 60ft times?


Here's my timeslips. My best 60' was 2.094 on my last run.

*edit: My 1st run, I burned out big in 1st, 2nd and 3rd, then got the boost under me.

2nd run, I overcorrected and felt like I lagged, little chirp in 2nd gear and then felt the boost. Third run, a little of both!

I thought it would be easy, and it certainly is not!




Here is a (bad) video of my 2nd run. I will post up a pretty good vid of my 3rd run when I figure out how to download from my buddies Panasonic video camera! :)





Here's the car that I staged against on the 1st and 3rd run... A very pretty Malibu. He had around 440rwhp and MT's...




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