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partscheap.com is NOT recommended


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I had the worst buying experience from this website and would never recommend it to anyone. Their customer service was non-existent.


I originally got the Shelby/Scott Drake Hood Strut Lift Kit from them about 8 months ago. I installed the struts and as most should know by now, they don't work for the GT500, as they have recently changed the specs on this kit. I contacted SAI who attempted to help me as best as they could. First they were working on the problem, trying to find a strut that would work with it. They eventually called me back and stated that they would give me a full refund, but since I bought them through a distributor, I would have to return them there.


This is where all the problems began. I attempted to contact the partscheap.com representative, who I later found out that its only one person, named Paul, who works through a dealership. The first time I called I got an answering service and left a message. NEVER got a call back. A few days later I called back and Paul answered and identified himself. I explained to Paul what had transpired with SAI and he said he would get back to me. Before we hung up, Paul looked up my information to make sure he had ALL of my contact info, including email and phone number. Guess what.....he NEVER called me back. I called a handful of times and never got anyone to answer, leaving a message every time. I even called the dealership and had him paged after they told me he was working, but he didn't pick up. At this point I figured that he had caller ID and was avoiding my calls. All this was over a 2 month period. All of which has been documented and later helped me.


I finally got fed up and contacted my credit card company and got my money back, but first was told I needed to get the parts back to him. That was another joke trying to get him to give me a return authorization so I could ship them back. During this time I got the same run around. To make this part short, after another MONTH went by, I finally got him to take the parts back. Again, never received credit until I got the credit card company to do a charge back.


After a couple of weeks, guess who called? Yes Paul.....and he was upset that I did the chargeback. Because they get a service attached to that sale, which is usually $20-$40. I told him that it would have been avoided, if he would have done ONE THING, simply did the RIGHT thing.

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wow...good job and thanks for letting everyone know.


FYI...I got my kit from Steeda, without their logo and had the brackets powder coated to match. Works flawlessly and looks OEM.





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