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THIS is about shelby this is about love


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Now I know why all our cars end up overseas. WOW I think I just figured a way to make a million bucks by selling only 10 to 15 cars.


Welcome to teamshelby and keep your posts coming I enjoy reading them.


Yesterday I took my Supercharged SGT to the Brainerd raceway in Minnesota and got spanked all over the track by a Nissan GTR. That GTR is one fast track car. (this one was highly modified) In the short straightaway I had my car at 130 mph and got passed by the GTR as if I was standing still. I still can't believe it, but its true. I never have seen a GTR in person before yesterday. I have always hated Nissan but I sure had to give that car some serious respect. I'll post pictures later this afternoon.

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