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Took Favorite Uncle (X-Ford Mechanic) For ARRRIDE !


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My Uncle (73) and after many years of driving and fixing many types of cars, he was to say the least, impressed. First half-throttle roll through the gears and he was already giggling. :hysterical2: 15 MPH stomp in first and quickly shifting to second sent the tires spinning and kicked the rear-end to right (with the TCS on) holy crap. I told him that I didn't like the idea of buying tires. He said, "you keep that up and you'll be buying tires pretty soon." I just laughed and assured him I don't mind buying gas but tires are out for a while. He too liked to hear that blower whine.


Every time I take her out, I get the looks and thumbs-up from everywhere.


I love showing off my SNNNNNAKE . . .


Drive fast, drive safe . . .



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