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Weathertech Floor Mats


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We have the huge rubber mats in our truck also. They are great at keeping the carpet looking new in all weather conditions. I love that they catch the sand and dirt so well. Just a quick shake and they are good to go again.


I have to say that in SCGT500's car he did get the mats with the Cobra on them. They look sweet. But if you're going to be using your car often (hopefully not as an everyday driver) the rubber mats would keep the car cleaner easier.

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Donia - I drive my car - every - single - day. I have but one - and it's the Rufstang! :hyper:


I'm going to try and buy a used Ranger, though - for pulling the utility trailer and parking it at ECU on Monday nights.




Yeah, I remember you saying that yours was an everyday driver. Hubby has our company van for work. The white F150 you saw us in at Nags Head is another one we watch putting miles on. It's used for camping, towing the quads and jet skis around, and trips that we make just wanting to drive it. We put major miles on my little Trooper (yes, Trooper---don't laugh---the little bugger has held up better than my full size Bronco ever thought about doing).


I'll give you something to get hubby with - - - the DMV plates on the Trooper our personalized and read - - - N2 BEADZ. His manhood is not in question, so it doesn't bother him to drive it. I just have to say that if I were in the car beside him I'd laugh my butt off for sure.


O'kay I'm highjacking this thread, so sorry!!!

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