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Strut Tower Cap/Cover

bleu venom

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I'm going to give these a try. Since JLT has such a good reputation for great customer service, and they have an 07 GT500 (they now also have a 2010 GT500) that they test their products on, I figure they should fit perfectly. They modify the covers for the strut tower brace & paint them in-house.


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I have those JLT pieces, along with their battery/MC covers - install is literally a "snap", and help clean up the underhood look nicely.




Do you drive your car alot? How are these holding up at 1k miles of use? Do they wiggle loose? Are they color matched? Thx

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Thanks Seahorse.


We have been painting a ton of these lately.

I run them on my car and road track it with no problems.


Any questions feel free to call.




I'll be ordering a painted set as soon as I get back from Sturgis. Didn't look like they'd arrive in time before I headed out, and I didn't want them sitting on the porch the entire time if they showed up when I was gone.

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