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Almost got T-Boned this morning

War Eagle

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I almost got T-Boned in my Shelby this morning. Red light at a major intersection, two lanes turning left, two going straight. I was in the inside turning lane. I waited till the light had changed for several seconds because red light runners are very bad here. As I started out into the intersection a man in a Dodge truck came thru the intersection narrowly missing all of the cars turning in the four lanes left and right.


I saw him coming and knew he was not paying attention as his speed never varied, he never sped up or slowed down just cruised right thru the red light at between 45 and 50 MPH. The lady in the right lane next to me also turning was almost hit but he missed her maybe 10 inches. He missed me by a couple of feet.


They have cameras on a few lights here but need to install them on all the lights as the problem is so bad it is dangerous to drive around here. I see several "runners" every time I go out and it is very nerve wracking. I never blow the horn at anyone when a light changes green around here because I know I don't move when the light changes.


We also had two "texting" accidents here last week. Two incidents where teenagers plowed in to the back of another car stopped at a light.



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I almost got T-Boned in my Shelby this morning. ..............Steve

Thank God you were awake enough to watch for those who aren't!!!!


Nothing worries me more than driving around minding your manners and doing everything right, then some idiot comes along and hits you. You never get what is right and the car, if it's fixable, will never be the same.

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You sure have to watch your back when you're out there, War Eagle. I drive soooo defensively. Like you, I NEVER pull out right away at a redlight intersection. I wait til both lanes have cars stopped so no one can just fly through the intersection...And I look twice both ways to be sure. I have avoided so many accidents it's ridiculous. (not necessarily in the Shelby, but in my old car). I've had about 3 close calls in the Shelby already. People going right through stop signs, not yielding when merging onto a highway, etc.


It's dangerous out there for sure. Glad you and your car came out of it alright.

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