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ugh, stripe replacement


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Yes you can, I know for a fact. :banghead:


Oh no...you had an accident too? EKK! I've got to be extra careful getting the car care items in and out of the trunk..never had stripes on a car before...


BTW: since we're talking accidental damage...I don't know how many people aren't used to this - But just DON'T forget when pulling into a parking space head first that has a curb in front of it - Don't pull in too far or you'll be extremely sorry. I DIDN'T do it...but I will admit that I almost did it in the first week I had the car. I was just pulling in like I did with my old car thousands of times before....when suddenly I realized I better stop RIGHT NOW. Whew...that was a close one...I would imagine that would be some costly damage. That front end is extremely low to the ground on these cars. Just something to keep in mind for some of us.

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