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The Lethal 2010 GT500 Has Arrived!!


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We picked up our baby today and I can't even tell you how happy we are. It's a major step up from our 08'. The looks and design of the car to me way nicer. The interior and features are several steps ahead of the last model as well and the ride is amazing. Smooth as can be. Love the bluetooth as well which the 08' definitely should have had.


A big thanks to our dealer Philip Weikert of Weikert Ford for making the transaction simple and pleasurable. They're located in Lake Wales FL and I assure you that you will be very satisfied with how Philip treats you.


We will be posting a bunch of pics and videos of the car at the end of the weekend and then we start the build.


Just to let everyone know the blue stripes look much better in person. Any other pictures I've seen of this combo online don't do the car justice. In person it's just plain sick. The pictures seem to make the blue lighter when they are actually darker.








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ah....the color mystery is over! I can finally fill in that in my charts! :lol:


I think that this color combo is nearing my second favorite...I don't think I'd ever own a black car personally, as it's not my style..but looking at the color scheme objectively...it's definitely right up there.


Great pics...these cars are simply so impressive IMO! I know you know that now too. They are truly a pleasure to drive and own. Congrats!

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