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Man, is that rabbit crazy? maybe it lost a baby to a snake or something... Reminds me of Vorpal- Monty Python....


Hey Blip, I got a buddy in the CG, just got back from overseas beleive it or not. They were the first all CG crew to be dispatched to the persian gulf, and his boat was the one that detained the Somalian pirate we captured when they took that american captain hostage. The New Orleans...


Of course, not so glamorous, his boat also has the distinction of taking out one of our subs in the gulf around that same time....you might have heard about that...a sub came up right underneath them and destroyed their tower...he told me he didnt think the sub was fixable...how stupid are you to surface under a ship? The guy at the con said he thought it was a fishing boat.....does that really make a difference? :headscratch:

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Yep, it's amazing how many people don't realize that there is an combat-arms/war fighting part to the Coast Guard.

Did some work with those units, but I spent most of my time involved in the interdiction/counterdrug spec ops sort of stuff in Latin America.


Hadn't heard about the sub incident, but nothing surprises me, stranges things can happen on the "open waters" of the ocean.

Had an interesting experience years ago with a Soviet boomer suffering a "little problem" requiring it to stay on the surface.

Spent several days following it to Cuban waters, but had to make sure we stayed "up-wind."

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