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Early Build dates...

War Eagle

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I put some of this information in another thread but the scoop is that the cars may be being built ahead of the build date on your sticker. My original build date was 08/06 with estimated delivery date of 8/23.


I just found out from my Dealer that they received notice that the car was built and completed several days ago and is now scheduled to arrive at the Dealership on friday 8/21 (two weeks from tomorrow).


A while back Mr. Arning mentioned that my car could possibly make it on to the line and in to production several days before it was scheduled.


It is nice to know that things are really starting to move now and that the plant is on or ahead of schedule. I would subtract a couple of days from the build date currently on your sticker for a more accurate picture.



The total elapsed time from the date the order was entered (7/16 with allocation) and delivery (8/21) will be around five to five and a half weeks.



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I hope your right I'm right in there with you I think a few cars ahead according to VIN, now I just need to cordinate everthing as I still have to fly out to the aleutian chainn to do some work week after next. If all works out I will hop on a plane and head to CA when I get back. Come on Ford ship her.

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