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Rolling resistance?


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Wife is back in school and didn't want to drive the GT 500 the first few day--loads of junk to bring home and take back everyday--so I've been driving it every day this week. (big grin) I love to drive the car but I get it mainly on weekends and haven't done as much traffic driving.


Is it my imagination or do you get the sense that this car has some rolling resistance? Is it the huge tires? The last dealer loaner was a Focus w/automatic and it rolled back at some intersections at which the Shelby seems perfectly content to sit still......I'll pull up, slip it in neutral and take my foot off the brake and she just sits there.....anyone else notice this? Both my sons' cars are manuals and I have to hold the brake on them all the time......curious!


Just wondering....... :headscratch:

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Ok, think about the mass of the transmission, drive line, rear end, lubricants, wheels and tires. Is it really a surprise that your 500+ HP Mustang has more rolling resistance than a Ford Focus and a Acura? There may be some other reasons, but these are the things that immediately came to mind. It could be nothing more than the gear lube. Regardless of its rolling resistance, I'm sure your GT500 gets to the next stop light a heck of lot quicker than your Focus or Acura.


Jim :yahoo:

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