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DutchBunny on Zandvoort racetrack


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Astrid's first trackday. It all went well. I think see liked it. I even had the chance to drive the Terlingua on the track. It is a really nice track car. The brakes are way better then on my GT500. First on my list.















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right, Zandvoort racetrack



Website of Zandvoort racetrack http://www.cpz.nl/


It is in Dutch. Have a look at moviescreen and choose Pinkster highlights. You also see Dutch GT4 footage. Mustang loosing a tire.


Track layout of the 4320 meters long track. http://www.cpz.nl/info/circuit_layout/

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Thanks so much for sharing these pictures Patrick! The Terlingua looks great.


The weather looked good as opposed to the scenes from the movie Grand Prix which were filmed in the rain there many years ago. Are you going to the Formula 1 race later this year?


"Zandvoort" doesn't mean "sand dune" in Dutch does it?

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Zandvoort comes from old Dutch village Sandevoerde, originated year 1100. Zand means sand and voort comes from old Dutch voerde which is a open place between the sanddunes from where you can go on to the beach.


Formule 1 is not on Zandvoort anymore. Last was in 1985. Formula 1 will be in Spa Francorchamps in Belgium on Aug 30.

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Very Fun Patrick,


I remember you telling me about the track last year in Terlingua. ......sigh.... I would love to give it a whirl!


It looks like Astrid had fun too. :shift:


Hopefully someday soon I'll be able to post "father/daughter" track day pic's (with another G.O. GT500 & a white Terlingua....):dreamy:

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I especially bumped this topic for you CaliKR. Enjoy, Tom.


Thanx Patrick,


Great pics, love the colors!!!


I heard a rumor that the Terlingua has more km's on it than the GT500! Poor Shelby, getting neglected....


Great to see you and Astrid sharing the hobby together



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