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well after working @ SAI there is only so much I am willing to do on the dress up stuff. my thoughts are

dont buy black lol But it is the most awesome color when cleaned up and detailed but takes the most time to get it there and keep it that way. White is faster anyhow.

1. how many products do you need that say Shelby.

2. Everyone has the SPP cap kit so its nothing special (prolly should of come with the car).

3.It must function as good as it looks.

4. I want a billet coolant res for the whipple.

Brembo brakes razor wheels

The oil cap came highly polished (ford racing) nothing that 1000 grit paper didn't fix to match other stuff.

my gt rear gas cap is a hybrid between a gt500 and SGT (matte finished) its the subtleties) matches the letters.

Borla exhaust I have a chance at a KR exhaust might do that sometime soon..

Gt500 steering wheel

Hurst comp+ with polyurethane bushing instead of the stock ford rubber and a hurst embossed knob..

a front tie in brace like the convertibles (ties the left and right together for more stiffness.

373 gears. Thumprrr pensioner

billet knobs and a billet footplate on the floormat

upside down cobra on the grill (letting the gt500's that I can eat most of them)

Hardly anyone knows this fact but this is the first and only car in the history of Shelby Auto's that was stolen during its production in 2007 (recovered a few weeks later). I had the rare opportunity to purchase it it still had the CSI stuff on it fingerprint powder and markings. Also this car has a Shelby title I think all of that adds to the kool-aid factor...

I drive it on fridays and sometimes to midnight madness/mayhem @ LVMS. it has 6K miles on it and has used 3 sets of tires lol...

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Guest hfrosso

your engine look's awsome, i agree with Clark coment.

But i think that you should consider the Strut tower caps, they'll finish of the look on the engine and cover those uglie bolts

Hey, just an opinion lol!!!

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