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Morrison's 1967 Shelby NOT found in New Mexico

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Mustang Monthy has reported in their August issue that Jim Morrison's 67 GT 500 has been found in New Mexico and is being restored in Kansas.


I read the article and quickly got in touch with Dave Mathews of SAAC.

Dave has all the VIN's for 67's as well as the Ford VINs.


He told me that he knew nothing about Morrison's car being discovered.


Anyone that is trying to verify this car should start with Dave first.

He'll let you know if you found the car because he has both VIN's to the automobile.


In this case, the owner from New Mexico told Mustang Monthly and never verified both VIN's with Dave.


I own documents and the car in Kansas is NOT Morrison's car.


I called Total Performance and they told me the Shelby number and I quickly told them the bad news.


I'm rather annoyed at Mustang Monthly because they should have done their due diligence before putting something in print for the entire Mustang community to read.



Bret Matteson



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