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The Geekster is Back!!!!


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Hello everyone,


My user name is FordGeek, but my real name is Joseph Montemayor. I joined this forum back in early 2006 as we all anxiously awaited the arrival of our beloved 2007 GT500s. Well, a lot has changed; my 07' is in the kingdom in the sky due to an idiot driver on a wet road. But, behold my 2010 has arrived today!!!!!! As some of you may recall, I had 200+ miles on the odometer when I first started experimenting with power upgrades. I started with a custom fabbed exhaust system, a custom tune by my boys at Strictly Performance in Houston, and I changed out the rear gears to 4.10s (at which time I discovered the absolutely baffling pinion/ring bearings and pinion runs; what the hell was that all about! (I quickly converted the 8.8 to the more conventional bearing setup). Anyway, keep a lookout for me in the coming weeks as I try to beat the crap out of my 10'; first with minor bolt ons...and then with whatever the heck KB may be cooking (or any other maker of afermarket SC for that matter). I hope to make new friends and, perhaps, meet a few of you in person. For folks in Houston, I live in Pearland.


Kind Regards,

Joseph (FordGeek)

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