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Anybody hitting the speedlimiter with your Terlingua


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We went to Germany this weekend and the car won't run faster then 184 which is 113 mph. In 5th we did 3500 rpm. What the heck. Even with the 3.73 the car should run 140. The speed limiter is still in the car. That can be turned off with the Diablo? Can anyone explain how to do it?


All V6's have a speed limiter. Chime in please. Tasca is not sure how to do it.

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Hi Patrick,


I have pinned my odometer at 125 and kept going doing about 3500 as i recall so yes it is the speedlimter I am guessing.


Hope and assume someone will chime in on how to turn off. Car feels good and very steady with good road feel at the 125+ range. Have not tried a whole lot faster yet, but is has more to give for sure.


Good luck,




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Indeed the car felt solid at that speed. 184 km/h on GPS. We need more speed.


Amen +1 to that comment Patrick.


I have run her several times to the end of the odometer+, but alas the six or seven good miles of clear road I see at those times with no one to harm, bother, or to bother me goes by quickly at that speed. They tell me that doing over 100MPH I can be towed and my car impounded and that I fear more than the bunny. Thus, I almost always tool around at the limit and enjoy a few rushes here and there and the curves as the Terlingua excels at them.


Next Sheriff's escort I have the chance to be part of I plan to let her rip a bit.


Hope you can do the same early and often!



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a computer program that is 'open' should be available some where.

I've owned to many ex-cop cars without a limiter,its out there or someone knows how to do it.

my 94-95 caprices with the 9c-1 package would run way past 130

the crown vics start puking at 130-135

call quantum and tell them you need a tuner

if they can't/won't go elsewhere

I'd cry if 130 was it with what you have invested


Doc Scott

VB you need a valentine!

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:headscratch: SPRSNK, in another thread that I can't find, stated that he had overcome the limiter by having it removed...I'll look for the thread, but SPRSNK, can you tell us how?


Found it: http://www.teamshelby.com/forums/index.php...mp;#entry766079


:happy feet: He is reporting a top of 135-40 with the limiter removed...

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On one of these high powered programs that calculates theory of top end etc

What do they say top end is?

3:73 limiting factor,but these aren't built for Bonneville

I figured 145 would be about right.


Doc Scott

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Speed limiters are mainly biased on what the car was equipped with tire wise, as most of you well know that a tire rate for 105mph will not survive at 140mph.


Now not knowing just what all the Shelby outfitters are doing for tunning other than making sure the cars are well fueled for the addition of boost, and a new timing curve, and new gear ratio install (re-gearing).


The removal or 'upping' of the speed limiter may not be something they are very concerned with, especially since these car don't come with a rollcage :confused: .


In any tense lets talk a bit about your concerns, seeing as though I guess the outfitters have done a deal with Diablo, I myself cannot change the current tune in 08TRT0402, till I get an SCT programmer, to dump the Diablo stuff.


But to give you an idea, the PCM "Powetrain Control Modual" you probably know it as the computer, communicates in a network "yes like you cubical office types" with the ABS computer, and receives information from the wheel speed sensors, this information goes from the ABS computer to both the PCM and the BCM "Body Control Modual" so the speed on the speedometer is displayed on the dash.


Through programming the PCM will cut power (remember these are DBW ((Drive By Wire)) vehicles, so the PCM controlls the opening of the throttle) so as the vehicle will not surpass a specific speed, this is as how the traction control works too.


So to get this bypassed you will need the "Catch Code" off the PCM located under the hood on the passenger side next to the power distribution box and liquid to air intercooler:




In this case the catch code here is "GKN1" this info will be taken by the programmer and used to start with a base file in which he will change the parameters of certain thing to enhance or curtail to get the desired results you are looking for without putting the drivetrain in harms way.


Point in case that 08TRT0408 is super "fat" in the fuel department, even when you blip the throttle from idle it will fog the garage out with a monster amount for unburned raw fuel, which it very, very harmful to the catalytic converters causing them to be contaminated and eventually fail, which will be a huge expense to the customer, although safe for the piston and pre-ignition detonation, VERY bad for the converters, with a bit of fine tuning, this can be fixed, and both proper emissions levels and power plus enconomy can be had.


Here are what the speed limiter tables look like, BTW this is not Diablo software, this is SCT:

This screen shot is also not of an S197 set-up, example only!!!



So as easy as it used to be back in the day of just changing the speedo gear for proper speedometer operation, the technology while badass, is a bit more than what the average Joe may want to spend money wise, and time wise to learn and mess with, although, handheld tuners do give you some options that are adjustable by you to a certain extent.


Hope this helps.

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Yes. I've topped my Terlingua out several times and have set the cruise control at 120mph. My top end is is somewhere between 135-140mph. The speed limiter is removed. I suspect with the roll cage added, I just lost 5mph on the speed, but I'm safer now which is what counts. Factor in the fact that I'm a fat bastard (250#) and had a full tank of gas, you can probably get the previous mentioned 145mph with a smaller driver and less fuel weight.


My car runs a modified Vortech tune. We threw it on the dyno and the programmer removed the limiter. So it is possible.



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So it is not really easy. Maybe I have to take the Predator to the USA on a vacation and then have someone load the limiter off option in there.



Not for the regular consumer, no.


What you can do:


1) Is contact whom did the tune on your vehicle, explain to them your intentions about wanting to bump up/remove the speed limiter.


2) Return the stock program saved in the tuner to back in the vehicle's PCM, so the modified tune is back in the tuner.


3) Ship the tuner back to the dealer whom you got it from, with applicable insurance, and a tracking number.


4) Have them change the speed limiter parameters (a matter of min.) and ship it back to you with applicable insurance and email you the tracking number so you can monitor ETA shipping progress.


5) While the stock program is in the car, DO NOT DRIVE IT! It will have a leaner A/F mixture, and damage to the engine could/will happen, it's not worth it!

Just wait till the new tune comes back.


6) Go through the steps to install the new tune they send you in the hand held tuner, follow ALL directions/steps.


7) Go drive it, somewhat normally, to meet all the criteria for the drive cycles, and after a couple of days, if you don't notice any thing weird from the previous driving habits before all this.


8) Squeeze the trigger and go have fun, now please also take note, if you hear pre-ignition detonation/spark knock, noises like little metal balls bouncing around in the engine during acceleration, take your foot out of it, make sure you are using premium fuel, and that engine temperature is with-in acceptable levels, at this point if everything is in your favor, and you still have the piniging, call your dealer ASAP and give him ALL the details no matter how little you may think they are.


They should have not changed the fuel and timing maps, but just in case.............. we wouldn't want to have to ship you a fully ported/polished/cammed/stroked motor for you to have put in ;)




Now about enabling criteria, follow this link, and read through it, this will put you right where you will need to be, in understanding more about your vehicle's PCM (processor).





Sorry for such long posts, again I hope this helps out in your question.



If this just doesn't answer enough, The Fat Bastard (SPRSNK) and the Silent Guy (me) will be on location this saturday, see the Fat Bastard for more details :P





Jeff - :fool:

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What SVOC about sums it up. If Tasca can't do the job, talk to Quantum about the tune they did on my car. I am willing to bet they saved the tune since it's a custom one done by them. Other than remove the limiter the tune was smoothed out so it wasn't jumping all over the place while in idle.

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I don't know about the Diablo, but when I need a new program for my SCT tuner, I just have Bama Chips send me the file via email and load it into the tuner and then straight into the car. Hopefully whomever you got the Diablo from can do the same.

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I don't know about the Diablo, but when I need a new program for my SCT tuner, I just have Bama Chips send me the file via email and load it into the tuner and then straight into the car. Hopefully whomever you got the Diablo from can do the same.



Jeff, with SCT we're lucky, it uses an USB cable, but the Diablo, IF that's what he has, uses a 9 pin serial plug that may not allow him to DL from his email to the tuner.


Looks like a male Atari 2600 plug


Some companies like that $100 for update/changes.

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