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I need a raise!

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As beautiful as it is, it's a Ferrari and I can't forgive Enzo's snobbish euro elitism.


Looks like this is another well executed extension of the small displacement, low torque (relatively), high rev, high peak horsepower philosophy. No wonder they mate this engine with a seven speed double clutch transmission - there will be plenty of shifts and they will come quickly to keep it in the high horsepower output range.


I didn't catch the price but it will, of course, be "reserved" at whatever price for those that "prove themselves worthy" just like the Enzo was.


Interestingly, you can get a lower output version of this engine in the new Alfa Romeo Spyder convertible, 35 of which will come to the USA.


They did a beautiful job with the aeros on this Ferrari but ironically, wasn't it Enzo who said: "Aerodynamics are for those who can't build engines". Because we aren't as sophisticated, we shortened the sentiment to: "There is no replacement for displacement"


In another irony, where is Ferrari's main GT racing team located these days now that they only sponsor a factory team in Formula 1? That's right, about 12 miles away from me now, in Houston. Competizione Ferrari:



Founded in 1997, Risi Competizione is the Ferrari of Houston-based racing team, directed by Giuseppe Risi, that has been very successful in sports car racing in both Europe and the United States. In addition to racing Ferraris and Maseratis, Risi Competizione also provides competition development, management, and support services.


Ugh...... right here in the homeland of Carroll Shelby, Loyd Ruby, Jim Hall, and A. J. Foyt... talk about a weird world!

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