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Help on brake swap.

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Ok so here's the deal, I have bought a nice set of used Brembos from a another Shelby owner who is going bigger and I want to do the swap myself but I just want some pointers from some who have experience in doing such work. I have looked around several forums but not able to find the part about bleeding the oil part, what oil to replace it with and such. Any help will be greatly appreciated.




Here are some teaser pics of the new set up of the owner's ride, huge items!!! Mobile Mods in FL is doing the new set up, great bunch of guys there.





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I'd buy a few liters of Motul RBF 600 or 660.


Quickly swap each rubber or stainless brake lines onto the new calipers. Then check the fluid level. You will have lost some for sure. Add the new high temp fluid till the reservoir is full.


Complete your brake swap. Head to the bleeder valves on the new calipers and crack them open. Pump the brakes a couple of times and check the level in the reservoir again. Add the new fluid till it's full. Keep doing this till you have new fluid dumping out of the calipers. That's it man. It's pretty easy, but messy.


It helps to have a set of speed bleeder valves plus the bleeder bag and bleeder hose they sell. The most important part of this job is to not let the fluid get too low in the reservoir. If it gets too low, you will get air trapped in the system. That will leave you high and dry and towing your car to a brake shop or dealer. Good luck.






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