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This man speaks the truth !!

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He always speaks, strong and to the Point, yet, how is it possible, that millions of (anti-Bush) Americans voted for obama. Absolutely insane.


Just like the Judges that let felon's back on the street and politicians who want to take away your right to own a gun, (to protect the lives of your family), how you voted in this last election, was a clear indicator of your love of country, patriotism, respect for individual freedoms and your belief in/and acceptance of Socialism/Communism, for the United States of America.


In other words, A vote for obama was a vote against freedom, A vote for obama was a vote against the United States of America and, A vote for obama was a vote for, Socialism/Communism.



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Ted my HERO :happy feet: a man of many words. once again Ted is right on.


This first picture is scarry



I'm waiting



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