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Yes!!! *Sticks head out*

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:mail: :happy feet: :happy feet:



From Mr. X this morning via email through Facebook and then to my personal email:


Hi Tom,


I found your order **:happy feet:**. For the dealership…your order info is:


Dealer Code: F13154

Model Year: 10

Body Style: P8J

Order Num: 3027


Your VIN is: 1ZVBP8JS6A5140185


Here's the latest status of your order:


This order has been submitted to the plant just last week (7/16/09 to be exact). This has a build week of 8/3/09. I do not have an ETA to the dealership at this time, but what I'll do for you is keep my eye on this vehicle. Once I see it's been released from the plant, I'll make some phone calls to see if I can get this shipped ASAP for you.


I know it's been a while from when you ordered this…but at least we have more info about it now than we did before.




Hi Mr. X,


I nearly crashed reading this while driving. You made my day. You're the greatest.


If I were allowed to tell Ford how you went out of your way, I would.


Thanks again






Hi Tom,


glad I could make your day! however...my job isn't done until you are IN this car! No thanks needed. All I ask is that you keep buying Ford (oh and tell your family and friends to buy Fords too)! :)


I'll give you the next update in a couple weeks when the vehicle has been produced!





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LOL! :yahoo: You really did it, huh?


I hope you didn't scare the neighbors! hehe.


Yes I did it and am proud of myself for not waiting for the dealer to figure out how to use a computer or pick up the phone. I took it in my own hands to publicize my disaster and it worked. I got the attention of someone that really cares. Nothing against the dealer or salesperson, but I'm much relieved now.

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