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That's how I roll!!!!


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LOL!!! Just a cool rolling shot the Stangs of South Florida did today and some other pics but these guys are awesome, I will post more pics as they come in. Did I mention that I love this car, only SGT in da house :happy feet:





Some other cars, the Mobile Mod performance shop's GT500 is sick!!! The wheels on that car is hot and so are the 3 piece wheels on the white GT.








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Is that a kind-of SGT clone next to you with a different grille and ducktail spoiler?



No its a GT that has the same stripes as mine but he liked my fender stripes so he added some also, but he has the Saleen PJ wheels, 4.10's,nitrous, suspension work, Corsa exhaust and yes, he beats up on many stock SGT's and regular mustangs.



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Hey FordRocks1 was wondering if you and anyone else wants to go to the car show located at the Kendall Tamiami Airport this sat from 6pm to 10pm I and a few others will be there.



No, I will not be able to go, I'm going night fishing that night, have you posted on the SSF site in the get together section?. For me to attend a car show I have to know way in advance so I can get the car all prepped up, you know, can't have a so, so cleaned up Shelby, LOL!!

Who else is going, from what club?

I didn't know that was going to be show there Take some pics.


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I'm not affiliated with any clubs I just go to some shows with friends. I know a couple of the cars in your pics some are from Majic city mustangs and I know Hec's Gt500 and 93 cobra. You have a nice looking Shelby GT hope to be able to roll with you guys sometime.

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