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Front Spoiler Removal with pics?

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Of course searching never finds me anything on here.


But I could have sworn I have seen a write up on how to remove and reinstall the stock plastic front splitter?


It appears that it goes quite aways under the front of the car and perhaps needs to be jacked up to remove? All I see are the screws on the side near the tires.


Right now just looking to remove to clean all the gunk and sand that has built up between it the front bumper. Also I know I will some day need to replace one, as I rubbed it for the first time the other day, call me anal, but I don't even like seeing chew marks on the underside! :D



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There are 4 or 5 phillips head screws in each wheel well, several 10MM bolts under the front edge all the way around. There is a splash guard that connects to the chin spoiler and the K member with some small hex bolts. If all you want to do is drop it down and clean it you do not have to loosen these. If you want to completely take it off then you will need to remove the two bolts that connect to the chin spoiler as well. I phillips head screwdriver and a 1/4 wratchet set are all the tools that are needed.

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