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Got my car home

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Finally got my car home - HID, NAV, 35% tint on the side windows and 20% tint on the quarter and rear windows. Ordered it May 4 and arrived in Edmonton last Friday. I flew up Tuesday to pick it up and then drove the 300km home to Calgary. I really love the car, it gets a lot of attention. Had to laugh, I was thinking about getting personalized plates, either MUSLCR1 or 10SHELBY, but have not ordered them. The registry office provided me with the following plate: SXA-169, which is funny, depending how you read it, so I might just have to keep those plates.


Got about half way home and a guy raced up beside me in an R/T Challenger, trying to get me to race. I thought about blowing his doors off, but decided the car had too few miles on it to really push it.


The only issue I had was when I picked up the car was that it was showing near empty and then went to fill it up with the gas chit the dealer gave me (the car only had 7km when I picked it up and the dealer said they didn't want to put any additional miles on it by filling it up). The car would only take about 50 L of gas and the fuel gauge was showing it was full. When I got about 200km into my trip home, the gauge was showing it was just under half full. Then all of a sudden the fuel light came on and the fuel gauge showed empty. The dash display was showing 5km to empty. Luckily I was just 5km from small town and I went there to fill up. Problem was that the car would only take about 30L of fuel and the gas gauge was showing full again. Dealer said it was their second Shelby with the issue and they think there is an air build-up and that it should work its way out. Hope that is all it is.


Anyways, I'm really happy with the purchase.






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Sweet ride!! What dealership did you get it from?



Too bad that mean machine is leaving Edmonton!! Is that a Kona coupe beside it?



I purchased from Healy Ford. They had a Kona/white and Kona/silver in the dealership at the time as well. Really happy with their service. When I buy a new truck I'll go there before speaking with a Calgary dealer.

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I went today and had a look at the Kona/white one... First time I have seen the 2010s in person... They had it in the back and wouldn't let me touch it or sit in it... I never asked too but that is what they said when I asked just to see it...


So whoevers car it is, it's in safe hands waiting for you to pick er up!!


it was funny though, my salesman was asking how I knew they were even there...

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