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2010 GT500 Convertible Owners Alert!


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Yup....I'll buy your 18" 2010 wheels for an agreed upon cash deal. So, if you're planning on getting something fancy, shoot me a PM. My dealer can just now order them as replacements for 2010 'verts, but they're a little too proud of them still.


When our first 2007s came out, it was the same thing. The stock wheels were something like $400! Today, you can buy them brand new, in the box for $200 shipped!


So, I know the price will plummet, it always does. I just don't want to wait a year, so I'm willing to pay a (reasonable) premium over what they'll be in a year.


Convertible wheels ONLY please. Only looking for 18s.


Thanks and congrats on your new cars!!




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How much does Ford want right now for the non forged 18 wheels on the 2010 Vert?


I think I like the Vert wheels better anyway



I was quoted $400. ea.



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