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Nice 1987 Shelby GLHS On Ebay

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There is a nice looking 1987 Shelby GLHS Charger on ebay. It's #707 and the seller says it has only 29,xxx miles. It does look nice and depending on the reserve it may be a good car for someone here.


A couple of things that caught my eye though:


First the mileage needs to be verified. The L body Shelby's only have a five digit odometer and plenty of people ignore that the mileage can be over 100,000 miles. This particular car looks too nice for that but it should always be checked.


It has the incorrect radio for the car. Someone has changed it to a newer model radio.


The muffler/exhaust tips look cockeyed. Could be the photo angle but should be looked at for damage or modifications.


The radiator cap is a newer version and the ill fitting floormats are aftermarket. The incorrect tires, battery and filters are to be expected because of the cars age.


Again could be a very nice car for someone. As usual I do not know the seller and am not to happy that he chose to make it a "Private Auction". The new eBay already hides users id's so when a seller decides to hide the bidding activity by making a private auction it can raise flags with some bidders.




1987 Shelby GLHS #707

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I thought #707 sounded familiar! This car was listed last December and then again in January. There is a previous thread about it here on Team Shelby!


You're right. Here's the previous thread.




And now for a warning. The auction from the first post of this thread was cancelled by ebay for some reason. The seller has relisted it here:


Relist Of Cancelled Auction


The reason I also now say warning about this car is because the auction description does not match what we learned about this car, GLHS #707, back in 2008.


Back in December the ebay auction mentioned a repaint which a previous owner of #707 has confirmed that the car was repainted. Look what the current auction says:


- Black Exterior (No paintwork or damage of any kind)


Back in December I ran a CarFax on the car and it showed the car spent 18 years in Michigan and Minnesota. The previous owner has confirmed the car does have some rust. The seller says nothing about rust and look at what the current auction says about the 18 years it spent in MI & MN:


It has has always been maintained to the highest levels and always stored in an air conditioned warehouse in Arizona.


Seller makes no mention of the screwed up exhaust or the non EPA compliant computer.


When you then add in the seller using the "Private Auction" feature I can not recommend this car to anyone unless you purchase it in person after a thorough inspection.



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