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I know this is not a GT500 area, but when I cut thru the Ford dealer this morning I saw the 2010 GT500 and have a couple comments on it. Keep in mind I love my Shelby GT / Whipple SC and all far better or else I would just go buy one, but I have to give Ford some credit for correcting some of the previous things I never liked on the GT500, thus why I did not buy one before.


-From a side view and front view the car looks nice

-This one was baby blue with white stripes and has to grow on you I guess

-The dealer is smoking something thinking a $10K market adjust is justified

-Don't care for the new rear that is rounded

-The exhaust pipes look big but are really not that big, those are the tips off the muffler

-They finally got the SHELBY letters on the trunk where they are supposed to be

-The wheels look far better than the honeycomb previous ones

-The interior looks nice with the 2 tone seats and shifter knob

-The dash is ok with the square vents and not as bad as I thought it may have been

-I like the driver airbag snake and not sure why that just can't be bought and stuck on ours, unless the

size is different. Now it's just a silver snake and no GT500 written on it



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