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Going in for the Clutch TSB

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Going in on Thursday for TSB #08-16-4. My symptoms are hard to engage in first and reverse, and hiss with clutch pedal depressed.

While it's in should I Have them do any other TSB's?

This one doesnt' look like a complete tranny replacement, just a synchro rebuild. I've seen others here have had their entire tranny replaced, should I have them do that? And is 7R3Z-6375-B the correct flywheel to have them put in?

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Yes that is the correct flywheel number but I would check it out if I were you & no they will not change your trannny if it only needs synchros, plus your tranny has your car Ser # on it & a replacement does not. You need them to order an output nylon locknut that is not on the TSB parts list. It states in the tranny rebuild manual it must be replaced. Part #4R3z-7B340-AA Good Luck.If your thinking of going to short throw shifter nows the time to do it as they have to remove the stock one to do the repairs

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Ok, so I went in this morning and they verified that I'm having issues engaging into first and reverse. I only have over 7000 miles, but they've ordered all the parts on the list to replace the flywheel, clutch and synchros. As soon as they're all in, I'm getting it done. I'm getting the KR shifter installed at the same time.

Should I warn the tech of any issues he might have?

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