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Looking for A Torch Red Coupe with HID?

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Anyone looking for a Torch Red Coupe basic Hot Rod except for HID? I was going to take it but it is now strongly rumored that my Grabber Blue is on the way :happy feet: :drool:



Are you saying that the car does have HID and it is the only option. If so I would be very interested in a cash sale but not at full MSRP. Is the car on the ground at the Dealer? If so I could be there ASAP with a check. I am just down the road in PC Fla., it is starting to look like it will be a long wait for mine, no VIN # yet after 4 weeks.


let me know,



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I'm near the 4 week marker as well with no VIN. But I'm not too discouraged at the moment. I would expect to get the VIN within a week. I may call my dealer tomorrow to check on the status. I'm really hoping for some good news.


it took me 4 weeks,so id wouldnt get anxiuos yet--"keep the baby faith"

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it took me 4 weeks,so id wouldn't get anxious yet--"keep the baby faith"


I'm hoping things will start rolling quicker with the news that all the first build shelbys are being shipped and the crew will be rested and ready to go from their two week vacation at AAI.


Going to call my dealer when I get home from work later today...I am however anxious already! hehe. I want my car so bad that I can taste it! :drool:

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