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Hey TRT4003 and DH777,


Thanks for offering to help. Yep, the Terlingua is at Quantum for her final upgrades - seats and the stereo.


Be glad to help when I get her back if still needed,





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I like the V6 sound better than V8. Must be an imprint from early racing experiences with those 1950s Jag-you-ares and Aston Martins, 1960s Corvairs, and all that jazz.


My We-won't-do-a-convertible-Terlingua casualty really, really sounded good with the FRPP duals conversion. Standing close at idle, there would be a difference because of the side exits on the Terlingua, but at full song, the sound is strong and pervasive enough to overwhelm side-to-side discrimination.


My favorite part of this video is at about 2:20 into the first one, where a downshift prior to off-ramping sounds just like a racing Porsche on the overrun. Bliss!


FRPP exhaust part 0ne (after the drags)


FRPP exhaust part 2



(YouTube really trashes the fidelity)


The camera is a Panasonic LX1 in video mode, stuck on the back panel next to the faux gascap, a little closer to the right exhaust than the left.


For comparison, here is a recording via the same method, same mufflers on the GT/CS V8:



Better fidelity (but 84 MB!):



V8 is just not as "musical" as the six, regardless of fidelity.

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