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I mentioned a few weeks back that Ford has a dealers/insider preview of future models this week.


Here is the expected leaks and some teasers re the Bullitt and the 2008 and beyond Stangs. More to come for sure, but initial reports are encouraging.


"Other vehicles on display include the Mustang along with the anxiously awaited Bullit version. KRON describes a refreshened Mustang for 2008 that only fixes what is wrong with the current car, including the interior.

Mustang is the overall champ for me. It manages a perfect refresh by fixing only what is wrong, the interior and a squarish rear, and boxy front. It all blends nicely, yet is still a stang. Bullitt was introduced as well. Can't talk engines, sorry."





There is a link to the actual post, and there will be more in the next 72 hours including the reveal of the Guigiaro concept Mustang tomorrow evening in L.A.

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I wouldn't mind seeing a little more modern dash and control options on the AC etc. I like my old 4Runner that had all digital and electronic controls. I would wonder how much more weight that would add though and is it worth it for what really is a toy to me...I guess for those that make it a daily driver that would be a nice touch. I'd rather they tweak the suspention and give a few other options personally but I know where my opinion ranks - I just wish I knew what was coming so I knew if i should jump on a 10K over deal or hold out for the changes.

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