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Ford Racing 630HP Supercharger

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Are we talking about the new 2.9 Whipple for the 2010SS and 2010 GT500SE?



• Kenne Bell 725 HP Supercharger

• Ford Racing 630 HP Supercharger

• Shelby Performance Cooling package

• Two tone interior upgrade package

• Shelby/Kicker Sound System package

• Bear 6 piston Extreme front and rear brake upgrade kit

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Just the Ford Racing TVS. Maybe they just changed the hp rating of the blower.


I think the news release last night had FRWhipple 630HP and today the Whipple is gone. Guess we will see once the 2010MY SS production starts.

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Thanks Borg,


"Available literature from SAI clearly indicates the the Whipple 2.9 replaces the TVS on the new 2010 600+hp SuperSnakes, which I assume is the warrantied version of the upgrade. The same literature also states that customers now have the OPTION (which wasn't available in the past) on the more radical 700+ upgrade to either choose Whipple OR KB as their blower of choice.


So it would seem that TVS bears the brunt of this new development, completely losing the opportunity to supply SuperSnake cars. Second hit, but to a lesser extent, would naturally be KB, who previously had ALL 700hp+ upgrades going with their blowers. With Whipple now a contender for the 700hp+ package, KB will now have to compete for each and every customer who has decided to go with the larger upgrade; sharing the podium must be a new experience for them...


I think SAI did the right thing by offering its customers a choice and I personally like the idea of more competition. Choices are always a good thing in the long run. Just my two-cents"





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