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Drop-off Pics from Vegas

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We had a great time on our drop-off trip to Vegas. My son and I drove down from WA (1200 miles) in two days. :shift: It rained most of the trip so I didn't even bother to take any pics. We dropped the car off early on Tuesday. We jumped in on the regular tour given by Steve and toured the Cobra and SS production lines and the museum. It was great hearing the stories and how the GT350 & GT500 where named. My girls showed up after flying in and we had a great lunch at the Shelby Cafe. We ran into Dan (MY500SS) at the Cafe which was cool! Doug was nice enough to take us on a mini tour since the girls missed the regular tour. We had a great visit with Bud and reviewed my order. What a nice guy. Spent a bunch in the gift shop. :spend: I found a 40th polo shirt that I had not seen on any of the web-sites. Then we played in Vegas for 3 days. Overall a great trip with some vacation thrown in.


Everyone we met including Steve, Doug, Bud and Cynthia were all very nice, helpful and we were treated great! Anyway here are some pics.


-- Bob


Made it! Had to wash it in St. George, UT so we could do the check in





Checking out the cars



Taking the tour with Steve



My Shelby girls made it too!



Mini tour with Doug



Signing Carroll's walls







Fountains from our room at the Bellagio


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Yup just have the wait now.... :waiting: Is it time yet? I feel like a little kid. :headspin::hysterical:




No, not yet LOL


Hi Bob,


It was a pleasure meeting you and your family. Its always nice putting a face with a name :) I can't waiti to see how you will look when you come back for your baby. It's a feeling like none other!!!!




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I am sure it was yours I saw almost done on tuesday when I dropped off mine. chrome razors, short throw shifter? if it was it looked great. just some small stuff left on it.


Hey freakshow12, I wish that was mine but I chose silver razors. I am sure someone will be real happy soon! I think I have a bit more of a wait...




I can't wait to see your car.


sooooo cool !!!


Thanks Rob, I am real excited about it. BTW great job on your win at the car show. Guess I will have to pick your brain about getting my car "show" ready. :salute:

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Awesome story. Glad you were able to visit the Shelby Cafe before it closed :cry:




So sad that the Shelby Corner Cafe has closed. :cry: I just ate there June 12th and had no idea that was coming. Maybe it will someday reopen.

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