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I see the 427 stripe, however, looks like your missing your checkers around the fender emblem? Hopefully it's just the PIC!


Sharp looking Car!

Not just the pic. I did not like the large fender enblems so they are inside the truck in a bag. They put the 427 package on minus the fender emblems. I did not add the logos to the upgraded interior package seats either. (the 427 headrest are right next to the fender emblems in the trunk). I like the logo on the trunk matt and floor mats though.

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Finally Done! Went up this weekend to check out the car and needless to say I was very happy. Sure was hard not to put my foot in it! One more 427 on the streets!!


Congrats! No matter what color the SS is, these cars are simply the finest example of engineering, style, etc., ever built.

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