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Techco - Strut Tower Brace

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maybe they can make one to fit the Whipple


TECHCO is now releasing the NEW Strut Tower Brace to fit all 2005-2010 Mustang GT's!! The TECHCO Strut Tower Brace offers Lateral chassis stiffening for increased regidity and is more than 2lbs lighter than the stock 2010 Mustang brace. This new product is available for TECHCO Supercharged and normally aspirated versions while utilizing all four strut tower mounting points!! By utilizing all four strut tower bolts, the TECHCO Strut Tower Brace will ensure maximum union to the struts and therefore provide ideal distribution of loads between the towers. The bases are stamped in-house using our CNC machined die to mimic the top of the tower. This well styled upgrade is available in Brushed or Polished finishes as well as custom configurations per request!!



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So that one would just clean my house? What the heck are these made of, precious metals?



Ayuh, precocious alyoominium.


I got it from Moss Motors for $250. It does NOT clear the factory plenum cover; barely clears the bare plenum, but has a remarkable effect on the convertible's "cowl shake".


The two-bar, four-nuts-per-tower Shelby item clears the plenum cover by 5/16 minimum, but seems as if it weighs twice as much; worked good on the V6 convertible.


underhoodGTCSCrsv_0675.jpg underhoodGTCSClfv_0676.jpg



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