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Brand new 2009 GT500


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What is considered an excellent price for a new (delivery miles) 2009 GT500 with Nav from a Ford dealer? Straight up, no trade..



If you can get it for 37,000 0r 39,000 thats a good deal to me now if you can get it out the door for 39,000 your the king!




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First of all check the build date located inside the drivers door on the sticker. I just sold my Red 2009 with 2300 miles on it (build date 09/03/2008) and almost everyone that contacted me about the car wanted to know if it was built 09/08 or later. The car sold in three weeks and I had multiple offers. There are brand new 2009s sitting on dealer lots with the old flywheel in them. This will affect the resale value of the car significantly. I sold my 2009 three weeks ago for $40,000, it had shaker 1000, ambient lighting, and premium interior and was bone stock.


Color and build date are the main components in pricing.

Also the best buys you will find appear to be the color white and the dealers have a lot of them on their lots.


Right now 2010s are selling for $1,000 over invoice (some even less) so I would imagine you should be able to pick up a 2009 for $1,000 to $1,500 below invoice, a white one for even less.


If you buy a 2008 new off a dealer lot I would not pay more than $35,000 to $37,000.


Hope this helps,



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I have an 09. I have seen the 2010 model.


I see you have an 06? If you do have the 06, wait, save your money like you were paying payments on the 09. Then order the 2011, get that aluminum block, you will not be sorry.

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